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I think it goes without saying but, without people, I have no business! And I do not expect people to take it from me when I say something is delicious. My business grew via word of mouth because there just isn't anything like it!

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Kind Words from our AMAZING Clients!

Thank you so much T! We will definitely be bringing the cocoa bombs back this year!

The kindest review I have ever read. Thank you to you and your wife for your amazing support this year. I am so lucky!

I was so honoured to make those cookies! I had to take the mini cheesecakes off the menu and that makes me so sad! They were so fun!

I love this so much. I am totally here to support your chocolate mission!

Thank you T.! I am so happy the donuts were enjoyed at the party - they are always a hit :)

It is always a pleasure to make treats for someone so impressive and talented (She literally runs a circus I mean come on! She is the coolest) Thank you for your sweet review, S.!

Thank you so much! I am so so happy you liked the chocolate!

Thank you so much for this sweet feedback! I would love to experiment with that filling that would be DELICIOUS

Thank you so much! I am so happy my chocolate made the cut! Moving closer is on the to do list ;)

Thank you to my day one! I am so lucky that this business allowed me to meet you and your sweet family that I adore! And guess what is back? DONUTS!

You are the best M. I am so happy you loved your bars! I will bring the Nena back I promise!

Thank you so much! I remember that Dino cake and I am so happy it was enjoyed <3

My sweet M! Thank you so so much I am so glad <3

Thank you darling L! I definitely want to try making Levain cookies but am terrified! lol

You are so funny - I loved reading this lol I am so happy you enjoyed the chocolate! I should do a brown butter based garbage cake..yum!

Thank you so much K.! You are always so kind and I am so grateful for you! There is a mint chocolate snak bar - it is delicious!

I am so lucky to be able to create treats for you! Thank you for your wonderful support it means so much!

Thank you so much for your trust in me this past year! I am so thankful for your support and getting to chat with you :)

You are the best thank you so much!!!! Yes the Bad Bunny bar! It will be back for sure :)

Thank you so much A.! I appreciate your support and I am so glad you have liked the cakes!

Don't worry everyone - this sweet gluten free gal got her gluten free garbage cake wish! Thanks for the support A. you are awesome!

Thank you to the sweetest client I could have ever asked for. I am so blessed to have been included in so many amazing occasions! <3

You are always so sweet to me. Thank you for your support over the years I am so thankful!

Sharing is not always caring don't even worry! haha Thank you so much I am so happy it was enjoyed!

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