French Macarons

French Macarons are incredibly meticulous meringue + almond cookies with a delicate lacey foot and soft crunch lending way to a delicious filling and chewy cookie. Hand crafted shells, from scratch fillings - these are seriously luxurious treats!


Current Original Line Macaron flavours are listed below and are available in one dozen macarons per flavour, with a minimum order total of 2 dozen macarons total. Beyond two dozen you are able to order any dozen nomination. The shell colour is typically customizable per two dozen order however we are sometimes able to accommodate more colours. Macarons are always best consumed within 3-4 days and kept refrigerated. They become softer and the flavour develops as they 'age'.

Holiday and special order macarons are not a part of the permanent line. So grab those when you see them!

Original Line Flavours: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Mint, Espresso, Salted Caramel, Lemon Strawberry, Blueberry Pie, Lemon, Orange Creamsicle, Cotton Candy

Pricing: 35$/dozen with a minimum order of two dozen. Custom requests will be an additional charge.


Meringues: Light as air, very sweet with a delicate crunch. These simple cookies are a fun addition to any event - or just to enjoy with a hot beverage!


Meringues are delicate and moisture sensitive cookies! People love them for their crunch and sweetness. Once you have your meringues they will last 2-3 weeks in a moisture free container. Minimum one dozen order per each flavour - colour and design customizations will be at a different price point.

Original Line Flavour Options: Vanilla Bean, Lemon, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chip, Coconut, Espresso

Meringue Kisses (minimum two dozen order) $24/two dozen and $12/dozen thereafter

Meringue Rosettes $18/dozen (piped rosettes around 2.5 inches in diameter)

Meringue Sticks $36/dozen (approximately 4 inch cookies piped onto a paper straw or stick)

Dipped in premium Belgian chocolate (multiple flavours available) $10-$15/dozen depending on cookie size.