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Giant cookies are giant baked chocolate chip cookies (8inches in diameter) loaded with fun toppings like seasonal candy and chocolates, fresh caramel and chocolate ganache. Oh - and they're gluten free + loaded with better for you ingredients like coconut oil, coconut manna, almond flour and organic nut butter!

Seasonal options pictured below (Valentine's Day + Easter) - year-round options are new and will be added as we invent fun flavours for you all!

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Pricing + Options

Cookie Base Flavours: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip + Toffee, Double Chocolate Brownie+ Caramel


Basic Giant Cookie (Base + Simple Buttercream) - $50

Loaded Giant Cookie- Base + Buttercream + Chocolate Ganache + Hand Made Caramel + Assorted Chocolates - 60$

Glam Giant Cookie - Giant Cookie with buttercream, meringues, macarons + truffles - $70

Custom Giant Cookie - Send us your customization request and we will quote you!

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