Confections & Chocolates

We love chocolate above all else here at TPBBS HQ - it HAS to be the good stuff. Belgian/French sustainably and ethically farmed - creamy, delicious and always tempered properly to ensure the best mouthfeel and shelf-life.


Willy Wonka was my MUSE as a wee one. Imagine my horror that this was a work of FICTION? My goal is to make bars that make your dreams come true and makes life magical again. Cue: DSRT BARS!

Each DSRT Bar is meaningfully named after a specific person. Each bar has a story and we can't wait to tell you allll about it!

KEITH: Dark Belgian chocolate shell (70.5%) encasing a luscious marshmallow, nutella, chocolate ganache filling studded with toasted hazelnuts. This bar is full of strong, rich, creamy deliciousness!

VANESSA: This sweet + crunchy bar starts with a Belgian white chocolate shell that leads way to a sweet + creamy cookie butter fudge filling. Then comes the streaks of salted caramel and pieces of biscoff cookies. A delicate balance that is sure to please the cookie butter fanatic in your life.

LIFE OF THE PARTY: Need we say more? Peanut butter filling, salted caramel, strawberry jam, chopped peanuts AND freeze dried strawberries encased in a Belgian milk chocolate shell. I have dreams about eating this bar in the bath tub. Live your best life with this bar!

BAD BUNNY (seasonal): Easter chocolate has been upgraded, refined and squished into this bar. Belgian Milk Chocolate shell enrobes a cake batter ganache that leads way to a firmer vanilla bean ganache (the yolk, if you will). Crushed mini eggs add texture to a bar that "is so good it makes me want to cry". Thanks chocolate fan - we think so, too.

Pricing: $25 per bar or 2 bars for $40

(Please note each bar is approximately 8 ounces and 3-4 times the size of a normal candy bar) 

Storage Suggestion: These bars will keep at room temperature without spoilage for 3 weeks from production day (usually the Wednesday of pick-up week). You should keep them at room temperature unless the space is particularly warm and then you can wrap + refrigerate them!

Not sure how to eat it? Bite into it - cut it into pieces - or do what we do and dramatically break it apart for a video on the gram - PS PLEASE GO WATCH OUR REELS! So many great ones of these bars.

Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs - a breakout hit at Christmas is here to stay! We use our premium Belgian chocolate to encase a myriad of fun hot cocoa ingredients. Chocolate covered strawberry, for example? A blend of Valhrona strawberry and white chocolate encasing rich hot cocoa powder, gourmet mini mallows and topped with milk chocolate drizzle and a marshmallow heart. 

Flavours will vary with the seasons so send us a message about offerings.

Pricing: 8$ each, $25/trio, $45/half dozen

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