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Willy Wonka was my MUSE as a wee one. Imagine my horror that this was a work of FICTION? My goal is to make bars that make your dreams come true and makes life magical again. Cue: DSRT BARS!

Bar Weight: Approximately 9 ounces

KEITH: Dark Belgian chocolate shell (70.5%) encasing a luscious marshmallow, nutella, chocolate ganache filling studded with toasted hazelnuts. This bar is full of strong, rich, creamy deliciousness! (this bar is GF!)

VANESSA: This sweet + crunchy bar starts with a Belgian white chocolate shell that leads way to a sweet + creamy cookie butter fudge filling. Then comes the streaks of salted caramel and pieces of biscoff cookies. A delicate balance that is sure to please the cookie butter fanatic in your life.

LIFE OF THE PARTY: Need we say more? Peanut butter filling, salted caramel, strawberry jam, chopped peanuts AND freeze dried strawberries encased in a Belgian milk chocolate shell. I have dreams about eating this bar in the bath tub. Live your best life with this bar! (This bar is GF!)

BABA: Dad - this bar is for you! Our dad loves coffee - so a milk chocolate shell envelopes a crunchy cookie chocolate base, espresso ganache and salted caramel. *this bar is also available in DARK chocolate

NENA: This bar is sweet and beautiful - just like our mom! Belgian white + strawberry chocolate with house-made shortbread + salted caramel alongside a generous layer of coconut ganache. Texture HEAVEN!

*this bar is also available in DARK chocolate


MNSTR: To start - Belgian White + MILK Chocolate. On the inside? Our amazingly creamy cake batter sprinkle ganache, bright blue marshmallow ganache +assorted cookie pieces. I won't sugar coat it (ok, I WILL) this bar is for those people who eat the frosting off the cupcakes and leave the rest. And we love it/those people.

KNDR:Belgian milk Chocolate shell and the scoop? Hazelnut Gianduja made in house with hazelnuts we toast and milk chocolate we temper - it's chocolate fudgey hazelnut HEAVEN! Then that classic white chocolate ganache studded with kinder bueno and chocolate biscuit pieces. This bar is seriously LUXURIOUS. Short of an allergy there is no person who can resist this one

BAD BUNNY (seasonal): Currently Unavailable


Pricing: $25 per bar or $22.50 of purchases of 4+

SHIPPING: For those orders requiring shipping please let us know the shipping address so we can provide a few shipping options for you! As we get into summer weather the bars risk melting, so its a 'ship at your own risk' policy until the fall!

(Please note each bar is approximately 8-9 ounces and 3-4 times the size of a normal candy bar) 

Storage Suggestion: These bars will keep at room temperature without spoilage for 3 weeks from production day (usually the Wednesday of pick-up week). You should keep them at room temperature unless the space is particularly warm and then you can wrap + refrigerate them!

Not sure how to eat it? Bite into it - cut it into pieces - or do what we do and dramatically break it apart for a video on the gram - PS PLEASE GO WATCH OUR REELS! So many great ones of these bars.


There are times for full blown DSRT - and other times where you just need a bite of something sweet. SNAK bars are not filled with luscious treats but they have incredible items mixed in - the shelf life is a lot longer too so you can snak at your own pace!

Bar weight: approximately 5 ounces

DEVAN: This gal is dark chocolate (70% premium Belgian) studded with roasted hazelnuts. Simple, delicious and perfect for your health conscious friends!

GF + V+ Lower in Sugar

SPRNKL: Premium Belgian White Chocolate, Rice Crisps, Cookie Pieces and Sprinkles. This bar is a ton of fun, sweet, with pops of crunch!

Carnivale: Premium Belgian Milk + White Chocolate, Waffle Cone Pieces, Strawberry Chocolate + Sprinkles. Maybe you can't go to the fair right now but the fair can certainly come to you!

SMOR: Premium Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker Pieces, Marshmallows - and some pop rocks for that crackle of a fire. No smokey eye burning feeling, all of the fun.

CKZ + CRM: Cookies and cream fans, GET READY! This is a belgian white chocolate bar LOADED with oreo cookies and - drum roll please- FREEZE DRIED ICE CREAM SANDWICHES! The bar is crunchy, creamy, and will honesty take you to outer space and back*

*that's an exaggeration

CKZ+CRM GF: This is all the same cookies and cream love as above but sans ice cream sammies. Don't worry - you'll get extra gluten free OREOS!

Pricing: $14 per bar or 2/ $25

Storage Suggestion: These bars will keep at room temperature without spoilage for 3-6 months if stored properly away from moisture.


The 'SMASH' trend doesn't seem to be slowing down - and well, you know we love chocolate! Now available in a new shape: DONUT! For the hearts they are always made of tempered Belgian chocolate - white chocolate is the best choice for a wide array of colour options - but the Belgian milk or dark are both, delicious, too! If you have specifics in mind let us know and we will help guide your choice.



Smash Heart: 6inch shell with our selection of premium chocolate and candy, wooden mallet and bakery box + tissue: $50

Smash Donut: 8inch shell with our selection of premium chocolate and candy, donut mallet, bakery box and tissue $70

Additional Add-ins: Ask about adding a gift card, money (heat sealed in cellophane) or other customizations (these will be additional charges) such as names/phrases.