Confections & Chocolates

There is something you should know about us right off the bat. We are CHOCOLATE S-N-O-B-S over here. We use Callebaut and Valhrona premium chocolate (Belgian + French, respectively) which we temper in small batches so you get premium chocolate with a nice shine, snap and mouth feel everyyyy time.

Hot Chocolate Bombs - a breakout hit at Christmas is here to stay! We use our premium Belgian chocolate to encase a myriad of fun hot cocoa ingredients. Chocolate covered strawberry, for example? A blend of Valhrona strawberry and white chocolate encasing rich hot cocoa powder, gourmet mini mallows and topped with milk chocolate drizzle and a marshmallow heart. 

Flavours will vary with the seasons so send us a message about offerings.

Pricing: 8$ each, $25/trio, $45/half dozen

Chocolate BonBons

Our perfectly tempered chocolate encasing a gourmet filling made from scratch? We promise - you won't want anyone to truffle with your chocolate stash! Bonbons keep for 2 weeks refrigerated (but if you let them sit out to come to temperature they are extra creamy and delicious!) These are a limited launch but we will be expanding the offerings, soon!

Send us a message for options.

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